diVa™ Laser Vaginal Therapy

diVa™ Laser Vaginal Therapy

Your first sexual experiences, no doubt, conjure distinct memories for a myriad of reasons. The younger you had a body raging with hormones and untested parts. Those “parts” somehow relaxed just enough to create a pleasurable and memorable experience. Now, after years have passed, you may be left with a degree of vaginal atrophy due to childbirth, aging, or hormonal changes. Vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis, is the thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to your body having less estrogen. As some women will attest, this condition can lead to painful and/or difficult intercourse.

diVa™ Laser Vaginal Therapy can reduce vaginal laxity, increase vaginal muscle tone, enhance sensation, and naturally increase vaginal lubrication. Stress urinary incontinence may also improve with diVa™ Laser Vaginal Therapy.

The diVa™ Laser Vaginal Therapy Procedure consists of a series of 1-3 virtually painless treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart. These non-surgical procedures are done in-office, with no downtime other than abstaining from sexual intercourse for 2 days. Many women opt for a maintenance treatment every 6-12 months.

SkinTyte™ Laser Therapy can be used in conjunction with diVa™ Laser Vaginal Therapy for even greater results. Dr. Bukov will explain the benefits of combining these procedures during your initial consultation.


Before my diVa treatment I was very insecure during sex. The laser treatments have really improved my self-confidence. I am most impressed by how quickly my spouse could notice a difference even after the first treatment.

Eileen, 40

After having the diVa procedure, I feel like I am 33 instead of 53. I think all women should have this…it really makes a huge difference!

Sherry, 53

I was a little self-conscious before diVa. I think the laser treatment made my relationship with my partner even better and even he noticed a difference. I am most impressed that this procedure is quick and offers tangible results. I look forward to the fact that I can have more treatments in the future to maintain the benefits and keep aging well.

Janet, 45


What is diVa laser vaginal rejuvenation therapy?

diVa utilizes the revolutionary Hybrid Fractional Laser technology developed for Halo™ to provide fractional laser resurfacing of the vaginal mucosa. It also uses a highly accurate motorized control system, allowing us to deliver the treatment with consistency, limited variability and greatly decreased procedure time.

How old do patients need to be to get the treatment?

diVa Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation was initially developed to help women who have had children as well as premenopausal and menopausal women to address symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, decreased lubrication and burning. Research has shown benefits far beyond that in both young and old women.

What symptoms does diVa address?

diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy may increase vaginal muscle tone, reduce vaginal laxity, enhance sensation and naturally increase vaginal lubrication, vaginal atrophy, and even difficult to treat conditions, such as stress incontinence.

The research also has shown benefits far beyond that. Both young and old women are touting increased sexual satisfaction, increased orgasmic response, and, in some women, shorter time to orgasm.

Does diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy hurt?

There is a slight discomfort as the device is placed inside the vagina, similar to a pap smear, but the procedure itself does not hurt at all. For sensitive patients, we can use a topical numbing cream to prevent any discomfort.

How long is the procedure for DiVa?

It takes three to five minutes to fractionally resurface the full length of the vaginal canal.

Prior to the procedure, what do patients need to do to prepare?

A routine pelvic exam will be performed prior the procedure. For most patients, we apply a topical numbing cream to prevent any discomfort. We also make sure the patient is up to date on her Pap smear.

How many treatments are recommended?

We recommend three procedures, spaced four weeks apart. Then one treatment every year.

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