Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vain Treatment

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Spider veins are a common problem that can occur on the face and body, and they will not go away without intervention.

Spider veins on the nose or cheeks can exist simply because the veins around tend to enlarge with age, sun and other stressors, or as part of a more chronic condition like rosacea. In either case, Nob Hill Medical & Aesthetic often recommends customized treatments with BroadBand Light or Laser. These procedures offer immediate gratification as the vessels typically shut down and disappear.

A variant on these are spider or cherry angiomata. These are small, bright red dots often found on the torsos of both men and women. The same techniques used for facial spider veins can make these annoying spots go away.

Finally, there can be spider veins on the legs. If these veins are varicose (raised, worm-like) this can represent a deeper issue for which we usually refer patients out. If there are no varicose veins but only reddish-purple fine sprays and fans of vessels on the thighs and lower legs there are several treatment options including sclerotherapy (injections using very fine Japanese needles and a local anesthetic so it’s very comfortable), BBL [link] or laser therapies [link]. We offer all three options so Dr. Bukov can customize the very best treatments to get you the results you are seeking.

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